Does your child want to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a banker? How about an electrician, a carpenter, or a welder? Do you want a school whose mission is for your child to learn the life skills needed to thrive in the real world? Most teens don’t know what they want out of life, and that’s okay; they just haven’t experienced any of the possibilities yet. From software coding to owning your own business, Paramount Christian Academy (PCA) will prepare and design a personalized plan specifically for your child to be successful in the career path they choose! 

Paramount Christian Academy’s Service-Learning High School is a four-year program intended to help students succeed beyond their High School graduation. The majority of schools have slowly shifted to “teaching to the test,” not preparing students to thrive in High School and beyond. Whether they go on to seek higher education or enter the job market immediately, PCA will give your child the life skills needed for a successful life. Fundamental skills, real experience, genuine connections. PCA is committed to providing a unique, challenging educational environment where students will thrive by participating in a hands-on, project-based instruction through an open-minded, Biblical Worldview.

Our Service-Learning High School offers traditional learning from Home Economics to Business 101. For example, in our Financial Literacy course, students will cover subjects like Credit and Loans, Basic Accounting, Leases and Contracts, and Rent vs. Own. At PCA, when our students graduate, they will know how to apply for a job, perform in an interview, negotiate for a higher salary, or even start their own business. Life requires a basic understanding of the challenges adults go through on a daily basis. Our courses meet and exceed the National and Washington State standards, as well as provide an understanding of abilities needed to flourish in adulthood. Hands-on, project-based learning gives students the experience and confidence to prosper in their future careers.

Freshman: First, our students will be exposed to a wide range of career and educational paths. Then students will be taught about the diverse work environments and industries. Finally, the end goal of this year is for our students to understand life skills and real-world applications. This will be the focus of all classes and courses.

Sophomore: Our students will continue with life skill classes; while interviewing people in their field, completing research projects, scheduling, practicing, and understanding their field of study. PCA’s goal for each student is by the end of their sophomore year, they have a desired plan and have confirmed their career or educational path.  

*When enrolling as a Junior or Senior each student must know their career path.

In addition, students must choose one of two branches of education at PCA.

  • Track A: Students who want to pursue higher education. Choosing this path, students will graduate with their High School Diploma and their Associate of Arts degree (through SPSCC, Seven Star, etc.).
  • Track B: Students who want to enter the job market immediately after graduation. Students will graduate with their High School Diploma and in many cases, their desired certification.

Junior: Our students will participate in our internship programs (within their chosen field) and be educated with courses based on their goals and career path, therefore being individually tailored to fit each student.

Senior: Our students will finish out their educational program of choice (Track A or B). Our students will also be heavily focused on completing internships and fieldwork associated with their chosen career paths.

Whether our students choose Track A or B, they will graduate with their High School Diploma. When our students graduate, they will have the skills, real-life experience, and connections in their desired industry to go on to thrive.